Gardens and rain

Once more, the morning is very cold, but today we have a long drive into Kyoto, and we soon leave the mountains behind us. When we get to Kanazawa, once again we are directed to a somewhat special parking space. Since we are on two wheels, we can park our motorcycles right next to the bicycles for free, right at the entrance to the garden. The garden Kenroku is very nice to see, and although fairly small, we spend some time there, as well as a brief visit to Kanazawa castle. A boy and girl in traditional garb are posing on the entrance bridge, and they don't mind if I take some pictures along with the professional photographer that is accompanying them.
Since we spend a little more time than we originally planned, and it has started to rain again, we decide to skip Tojimbo rocks, and head straight for lake Biwa, where cherry blossoms line the edge of the lake. A very nice view, although the rain does take away some of the lustre. In a way, we are lucky though, since even in this weather, a lot of people are driving very slowly to watch the flowers, and if the weather had been better, we might have ended up in a huge traffic jam here.
We arrive at the hotel in Kyoto, rather wet, but since we'll be staying here two nights, we can spread everything out to dry in our hotel room.